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Church & State Academy Crash Course: Web Design

Tue, March 27
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Church & State Academy Web Design Course

The Church & State Academy invites you to join the current academy cohort for a 2 hour web design course. Mark Polson, the CEO of Code Greene, will be teaching how to apply best practices in websites and online platforms for businesses. Join us to learn the secrets to creating engaging and innovative web design.

Code Greene is a development firm in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in web development and online internet strategy. It was incorporated in 2005 and has grown to 11 employees, building websites for companies and corporations

The Church & State Academy also offers a 12 week program that teaches entrepreneurs and incubates new businesses. Through the Academy, you can learn how to start a venture from some of Utah’s finest experts. Enjoy access to professionals who can help you raise capital and market your venture properly.

Please join us for this quick crash course!  Turn your vision into a reality.

Learn more about the program at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Church & State Academy Overview:


Below is the curriculum overview of the skills our participants will learn in our 3-Month Bootcamp:

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