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Church & State’s Earth Week: Terrarium Making Class

Thu, April 25
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Celebrate during Church & State’s Earth Week by creating your own terrarium ecosystem with Jodi Mardesich Smith of Haven Terrariums.

Costs: $45 includes instruction, three plants, moss, and substrate

Preparation: You can purchase your own terrarium container at the class, or bring your own.

Choosing a container is part of the fun of making a terrarium. Look for something made of clear glass with a glass lid. The lid is important–it’s what allows your ecosystem to be self-sustaining. Lids made of metal or cork can work, but your terrarium will be happiest with a transparent lid that allows in more light. Some ideas for containers: kitchen canisters, vintage apothecary jars, fishbowls, mason jars, science flasks. You don’t have to spend a fortune on something made specifically for terrariums. It’s easier if you can fit your hand into the opening, but we have tools that can do the trick if your container’s opening is small.

The size of your container will influence what kind of plants you can grow inside. The ideal size for this workshop is somewhere between 6-8 inches tall, with a volume of up to about 32 ounces. Finally, whether you bought something new or are upcycling a container, give it a good wash before you arrive.