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Church & State Progams
We curate a diverse, eclectic mix of educational and networking events and opportunities to help you learn, connect, discover and collaborate.

Whether you're a student seeking an internship opportunity or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for your next big idea, Church & State offers programs that enable you to expand your horizons and engage with your peers.

Church & State Academy

Need a mentor? A good mentor brings out the best in any entrepreneur. Whether you need a brain to pick, an ear to listen or an expert to give you a push in the right direction, we can help connect you with a mentor who has real world experience with the challenges you face.

Want to be a mentor? We can help connect you with an entrepreneur who can benefit from your insight and experience.

Church & State Academy

Interested in gaining hands-on experience in the startup community? Our Internship Program focuses on work-based learning opportunities that bridge the gap between classroom education and the business world. We offer a variety of internships that will help you gain real world skills that give you a jumpstart in your professional life.

Over 22,000 square feet of space available to Utah’s vibrant entrepreneur community.
An experienced team with diverse talents at your disposal.
Helping us bring our vision to life.